Michael Ismerio

Feel free to send me digital correspondence to:

michael (dot) ismerio (at) gmail (dot) com


 Or send 3 dimensional letters to:
310 Dillingham Road, Barnardsville, NC 28709


And when you are done with that check out some of these other cool sites:

3crowncreative.com - These are the wonderful folks that designed and built this amazing website for me.  It is so slick and professional.  If only my mother could see me now!  Oh wait, she is probably looking at this right now.

Alecdempster.com - Alec is a good friend, an amazing visual artist, and a talented musician who is doing a lot of work to support the communities of traditional Son Jarocho music in the state of Veracruz, Mexico

College of Mythic Cartography - This is my friend Willem's indescribable website that tackles all kinds of subjects including: philosophy of tracking, dreams, myths, games, rewilding, indigenous cultures, language, and community.  Listen to some of his podcasts.

BBCRC.org - The Black Butte Center For Railroad Culture is a really great land project in Weed, Ca that is working to preserve railroad and hobo culture.  I've been known to spend a lot of time there.

Brooksbanjos.com - Brooks was the first to take me under his wing and teach me the art of banjo building and fine woodworking.  And his banjos are amazing.

Bubbaguitar.com - Bill Martin has been sitting in front of a computer for years connecting Portlanders so that they can leave their own computers and interact with other human beings. Bubbaguitar.com is an amazing community bulletin board informing people about all things old time in Portland, Oregon and on the web. 

Bubbaville.org - Bubbaville is our non-profit music and dance organization that among other things organizes and sponsors the Portland Old Time Music Gathering.

Romerobanjos.com - Jason Romero also graciously took me into his workshop to teach me fine woodworking.  His banjos are true works of art.

Squaredancepaul.com - Paul Silveria is co-conspirator, co-organizer, fellow dance caller, and the first of our new generation of Portland musicians to heed the square dance call to action.

Stumptown printers - Brian and the crew at Stumptown Printers have been my long time cohorts and have added the aesthetic brilliance to most of the projects I've been involved with in the last ten years.  

Stuntology - My friend Sam Bartlett in Bloomington, Indiana has been collecting and illustrating stunts, gags, and pranks for many years.  He said I could be a minister of Stuntology.  Maybe he's setting me up for a prank?  His website inspired my website

Story of Stuff.com - This website is not personally linked to me in any way but I think it's possibly the most valuable site on the internet.  It is a fast, entertaining look at the origins of our consumer products and how that consumption affects the entire planet.  If you have ever spent five seconds wondering how you personally could save the planet then you should watch this  video... and stop shopping!